Evaluation of Teaching

The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET) administers Student Opinion of Teaching Surveys upon request.

  • Each school or department sets it own guidelines about which instructors and courses are surveyed each term.  Check with your department or school to see what your requirements are.
  • The questionnaires have been developed in conjunction with faculty in the various schools of the University and cannot be altered.
  • The Student Opinion of Teaching Survey is administered for those faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants who request a survey through the online request portal or whose school or department* has requested a survey on behalf of the instructor.
  • The portal can be accessed by clicking on “Request a Survey” on OMET’s homepage or by logging on to my.pitt.edu > My Resources > OMET Survey Request.  Choose the class or classes you would like surveyed and click submit.  You will receive an automated email confirmation for each request.
  • You will receive an email containing a link to add Instructor Optional Questions (IOQ’s) to your survey, if you choose to do so.  If you do not wish to add IOQ’s, ignore the email. The deadline to add questions will be noted in the email.
  • To check out the list of IOQ’s, click on QUESTION LIBRARY or Instructor Optional Questions in the right column.
  • Starting with the fall term 2013, all surveys are administered online.

  • The survey period during the fall and spring terms is the last 3 weeks of classes and ends the day before the start of finals.  The summer survey periods vary.  For exact dates, check OMET’s website.
  • OMET reports results electronically to instructors. It is essential that final grades have been turned in to the Registrar’s office before results are sent.
  • Some deans and department heads, and course coordinators receive copies and/or summaries of instructor results.  Please check with your department for its policy.

*Schools or departments that request surveys on behalf of the instructors are:  Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, Business (Katz & CBA), Law, Information Sciences, Rehabilitation Technology (SHRS), and Chemical & Petroleum (Swanson Engineering).