Exam Scanning & Scoring

New Location: Drop-off classrooom exams in CL G-33
The brand new University of Testing Center (UPTC) officially opens its doors on Monday, May 12.
All classroom exams can be dropped off and picked up in room G-33, Cathedral of Learning (OMET's old address). 
Blank forms can be picked up in this location as well.
If you have questions please e-mail tests@pitt.edu or call 412-624-6146.

  • The University of Pittsburgh Testing Center provides scoring and analysis of multiple-choice examinations given in University courses. 
  • The answer sheets and scoring service are available without cost to University faculty and teaching assistants. Students should always bubble in their PeopleSoft number and write their names on their answer sheets.
  • A separate, new key must be provided with each job unless a key has been previously saved. In this case, you must provide the name and date of the key to be used.
  • Answer sheets are processed through the use of an optical scanner and test results are returned electronically within 24-hours (excluding weekends).
  • If you feel there are discrepancies on the results, the best way to resolve the issue is to come to the office to review the sheets.
  • It is now possible for tests to be rescored without rescanning the student answer sheets. 24-hour turn-around is based on the time the e-mail rescore request is received by the UPTC staff.
  • Summary statistics and item analysis data are generated. 
  • Faculty, staff, and students involved in survey research can also utilize the answer sheets and optical scanning services.

Following the guidelines of our office, our scanning service will produce the most accurate reporting possible but, even then, there is some margin of error. It is ultimately the responsibility of the instructor to check for accuracy on any report issued by UPTC before submitting student grades.

For more information on specific services, please review the links below:

Obtaining Blank Answer Sheets

Answer sheets are available for pick up at UPTC, G33 Cathedral of Learning.

AccuForm Answer Sheets

Any Apperson form previously stocked at OMET can be scanned and scored. Click here to view the three Apperson forms and their description that are currently in stock.

The AccuForm answer sheets must be completed using #2 lead pencil only.


150 5-point scale items (Blue)

100 5-point scale items (Red)

75 10-point scale items (Gold)

Using Scanning and Scoring Service

Students’ PeopleSoft Numbers

In order to receive reports listing students’ names, each answer sheet must have the Student ID Number grids filled in correctly and completely with the student’s 7-digit PeopleSoft number.  It is suggested before the day of each test or quiz to inform the students to know their PeopleSoft number.  Directions for Students to Locate PeopleSoft ID 

It is always suggested to have the students write their names and any other identifying information that you would like, in the section marked name, on the form.

Some students print, but forget to code, their PeopleSoft number.  The optical scanner can read only what is coded.

If a student does not fill in his/her PeopleSoft number or does so incorrectly, the answer sheet will still score but the student’s name will not appear on the Class Roster report.  This is why each student should always write his/her name on exam.

Each scanning job is required to have the following in the order listed below:

Completed Request for Scanning Service Form

Completed Answer Key—Unless there is a saved key on file

Completed Student Answer Sheets 

Before submitting sheets for scanning check to make sure all sheets:

  1. Are completed with #2 pencil ONLY
  2. Sheets in each job are all the same form
  3. Have no marks on left side or on top where the timing marks are
  4. Erasures must be as complete and clean as possible
  5. Are facing the same direction
  6. Are neatly stacked in a pile

If your scan job requires an answer key, please darken in the Key circle on top of the form with a #2 pencil.

If the Key has been saved by UPTC, provide the Key Name and date on the Request sheet.

Place the key on top of the students’ answer sheets.

A new Request for Scanning Service Form for each job.  You may print the PDF from omet.pitt.edu, complete it, and bring it in with your exams. Exams must be scan ready when being dropped off at the UPTC.

If scanning multiple groups, make sure to separate the groups and to have a key and request form for each group.

Do NOT include a hard copy of the actual paper test.

You may enter an accurate number of answer sheets in each job on the Request Form. This number is compared to the Excel results in order to verify the number of sheets scanned. There are instances when sheets stick together and are skipped. This check allows OMET to verify the correct number of sheets scanned. Do not estimate this number.


If you would like to have either the correct answer or to have a dashed line printed next to an incorrect student answer, you must use the red 100 5-point scale items form #29240.  At the top of the form is a verify circle.  If the verify circle is darkened in, the correct answer will be printed next to any incorrect answer.  If the verify circle is left blank, a dashed line will be printed next to any incorrect answer.


It is now possible for tests to be rescored without rescanning the student answer sheets. 24-hour turn-around is based on the time the e-mail rescore request is received by the UPTC staff. To request rescoring or if you have questions or concerns, contact us at tests@pitt.edu with "Rescore" in the subject line of message. Include the question number(s) and the correct answer. Changes will be reflected on the reports.

Security and Confidentiality

UPTC staff will not adjust, delete, or modify information on a Key.  Please ensure all information is accurate before requesting scanning.

Personnel of UPTC are not permitted for any reason to place marks (i.e. add, change, or erase) on scanner forms.

At the time of drop off,and email will be sent to the one that is provided on the drop off form containing a job number. This job number must be presented when the exam(s) are picked up, otherwise, Pitt ID must be shown. Having the job number at the time of pick up will result in the quickest service at the UPTC. Exams should be “Scan Ready” at the time of drop off.

Results and Reports

All reports and raw data will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided.  Please write e-mail address clearly on Request for Scanning form.

The default program assigns one correct answer per item.  If credit is wanted for an either/or answer or for two or more answers, this must be noted on the Request for Scanning Service Form, in the Special Instructions section of the form.

If after you receive your reports and you have questions concerning certain students scores or missing names on reports, please pick up the answer sheets to check out the issue.

PDF Reports

Test Results

Individual report of each student’s response for each item with the corresponding correct answer, the total possible points, the student’s score and percentage correct, the class average, and the highest and lowest scores.

Item Analysis

Provides frequency counts and percentages for each response for all test items, point biserial correlation (index of item discrimination), and frequency count and percentage correct for each test item along with percentage incorrect.  Click here for detailed explanation of Item Analysis definitions. This report is included in the excel Full Report on a separate tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Excel Spreadsheet

Contains the following reports:

  • Results Grid (Raw Data)
  • Class Roster
  • Item Analysis
  • Detailed Item Analysis

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time will be 24 hours (excluding weekends) or less.  The exact turnaround time for a scan job depends on the number of forms and on the number of scan jobs in the queue.  Course-related tests take precedence over other jobs.  Reports will be sent electronically once the answer sheets have been scanned and scored.  The answer sheets will be available in the OMET office for pick up and will be retained for four months before they will be securely destroyed.


The forms and scanning service are without charge for University of Pittsburgh faculty for classroom tests and for faculty, staff, and students for survey research.

Best Practices

Students should always bubble in their PeopleSoft numbers and write their names on their answer sheets.

If you feel there are discrepancies on the results. Do not call; come to the office to review the sheets.